After 2 full days of barrowing mulch, laying eco mat and more barrowing, then lots of raking and foot shuffling to filter the mulch into the little eco mat spaces, the car park is virtually finished!

A huge thank you goes out to everyone that helped me with getting this done, Janet, Steve, Robert, Paul, Caitlin and her mum Sarah, Mungo and Clare! (sorry if I've missed anyone off the list.  It's been a long couple of days!)

I'd still be there today only halfway through completion without all of your help.  It was greatly appreciated!

Parking is still going to be greatly limited for a while so please park considerately to make best use of the space.  There should be room to park several cars on a slant (thanks for the word Janet) or diagonally (Mungo) with room to pass behind them to further spaces or to access the turning point at the end of the row.  All entrances and exits to the site are to be made through the first gate and not the second.  Any deliveries that you have to the site should also be made through the first gate and not the second please.  With this in mind, please don't block the gate entrance with your car, thanks.  Unloading can still be done in this area briefly and if there are no remaining parking spaces please unload your things and park your car off site and walk back.  It is very important that you do not park your car at all in the farm track alongside the site as this is a private road belonging to another farmer.  It can only be used to access the first gate, thanks.

The additional parking on site should help make it easier for car users now but obviously if you are able to come to the site on foot or by bike or bus (the bus stop is right outside the entrance) then please do so and it will help a lot.

Yesterday (1st April 2021) saw the beginnings of the community plot on site as a small group of people met in the field (at a social distance!) to discuss the new group allotment plot.  It's an exciting time and everyone was enthusiastic to see the birth of this new project whereby a 250 square metre patch of ex horse pasture will become a wonderful growing space for food as well as habitat for more wildlife.

This new venture has meant that a few changes have been made on our website to allow for the growing community.  You may have noticed that some of the menus have moved around and the forum area has changed slightly so that some categories already started remain for registered users only (plot holders with a tenancy agreement) and some categories are open to the public to allow group chats with all those involved with and wishing to contribute towards the community plot.  We will see how this works for everyone and alter it accordingly in the future if we need to.

It has been fantastic seeing our Beech Hill allotments community grow and everyone pitching in to help each other!

The Beech Hill allotment site came alive with the first tenants signing up for their plots yesterday (Thursday 25th March).  It was exciting to meet all of the new people and watch as they picked out their plot of land to be nurtured.  Paperwork was signed, questions were flying and smiles were aplenty!  Life has been breathed into the project.  Now the growth stage begins as the site develops into a fabulous food production space for both the plot holders and the surrounding wildlife.

Some people have reported problems with registering onto the members area.  I am still trying to determine the exact cause but please let me (Carmen) know if this is the case. 

Please try the following to start with...

  • If you are trying to register using your mobile phone or tablet, could you try to register initially using a PC or laptop?  Once registered then you should be able to use a phone or tablet to use the forum as usual.
  • Try using a different internet browser.  Sometimes the settings on the browser you're using can interfere with the registration.

Remember that once you have completed your details I will need to approve it from my end.  I am checking my side at intervals throughout the day so that hopefully people won't have to wait too long!