25th March 2022 is a historic day for Beech Hill Allotments as it marks the first anniversary of the first ever plot lettings!



The allotment site has developed beyond belief in just one year from an empty field (recently utilised by horses) to a fully established organic, no dig growing space enjoyed by a large number of plot holders.







It has been wonderful being part of a growing community of people; saying hello to the same friendly faces and probably doing far more chatting than actual working.  I am reminded repeatedly though that 'that's what it's all about!'  Another point to take away from this year is that I have to remember to enjoy the process and the 'doing' of it, not just trying to make it all 'done' straight away and forgetting to appreciate working with the land and being a part of it.





Many plot holders have been down at the allotments throughout the winter and have braved all weathers.  I know in November I was planting trees and it decided to start snowing! I persevered though and got them in before it got too bad and I had to go home.  There were other people there braving it too though and it was beautiful!






There have been highs and lows along the journey.  The lows have to include the disastrous car parking area, where the eco matting that we laid just didn't serve the purpose and sank, resulting in a few people getting stuck and having to be towed off the field!  Hopefully the new matting that Mungo and Iona have provided will work much better and should be ready to use in a few weeks (they will let you know when). 






Other challenges on the field that I, personally have found is a battle with slugs, pigeons and creeping buttercups!  The fauna seem to have enjoyed the lovely brassicas that I managed to grow and the flora has enjoyed the lovely nutritious compost that I put down, so at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that my efforts have been appreciated!  










The lows were certainly outweighed by the highs though and I managed to grow some great produce that made it's way to my table. 






 I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of growing it and the opportunity to do so in such a lovely setting as Beech Hill.  Thanks Mungo and Iona!