As a new site with lots of new people, many questions are going to arise that we will do our best to answer as they come up.  We have included some that have been asked initially and will add to this list as more arise.  Hopefully it will help provide some answers if you had the same query as someone else!

1) Can you grow No Dig potatoes? Yes! In No Dig you can still open the soil to plant potatoes or potted plants or trees or anything else, it essentially means zero ‘turning over’ of the soil.

2) Can I get compost delivered? Yes, the only question is around what the method of delivery is (tractor+trailer is easy, HIAB should be ok, lorry+pump-truck might be more of a challenge; we are trying to figure out the best spot for dumping loads).

3) Can I have a shed? Yes, no bigger than 6’x8’, made of wood and with perspex/equivalent or toughened glass windows (to save my barefeet!). We will also put up a communal shed perhaps with lockers for individual tool storage. Anything you can do to disguise/beautify your sheds with plants would be appreciated!  Please be considerate of your plot neighbours when siting your building so that you don't cast too much shade over their plots if possible.

4) Can I have a greenhouse? Yes, again max 6’-8’ and made of perspex or polycarbonate or equivalent (not glass).

5) Can I have chickens? Yes, up to 6 on a full plot, or 3 on a half plot. They will need to be enclosed within your plot with enough room to be happy, and their feed kept in rat-proof containers.

6) Can I put up a rabbit fence? Yes, wire mesh no taller than 4’. It’s also worth bearing in mind Charles Dowding doesn’t have a costly and unsightly perimeter fence, instead he nets his beds whilst the seedlings are small and has a very successful market garden!

7) Do I need private insurance? It is recommended, and apparently if you form an Association (which can be organised on the Forum), it’s only something like £3 per year with the National Society of Allotments and Leisure Gardeners.

8) Will there be security? I think I will get a combination-padlock and chain for the gate to discourage vehicle trespass. Also access to the site is only during daylight hours (unless otherwise arranged with me).

9) Am I allowed to smoke on site? Yes, but please don't leave any cigarette butts on the site.

10) Can I have a polytunnel? Sorry but no. Unfortunately these use an awful lot of plastic that doesn't often last very long and needs replacing. This isn't in keeping with the eco-friendly ethos of the site and so won't be allowed.